Revolt Against the Modern World has ratings and 34 reviews. Chris said: Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola is a book so breathtaking, so. With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that. REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD. A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO Julius EVOLA. He sees it as the highest of devotions, precisely because it places .

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Once the Empire ceased to be sacred, it ceased to be the empire. Perhaps the very concept of measurement is anti-Tradition, an artefact of the “science that degraded and democratized the very notion of knowledge by establishing the uniform criterion of truth and certainty based on the soulless world of numbers”.

Through a sweeping study of the structures, myths, beliefs, and spiritual traditions of the major Western civilizations, the author compares the characteristics of the modern world with those of traditional societies. The Roman nucleus, wherever it came from, worked on an Atlantic, Silver Age environment. For now on I will always remember Evola’s utopia when I hear the usual conservative arguments.

This is a somewhat significant departure from Nietzsche’s conception of the oppositional Priestly and Knightly-aristocratic classes. But even when’s wrong his opinion is still interesting. Evola explains it within his own worldview, and you realize that the axioms he proposes can only be argued on his own grounds, which is what makes it so hard to get through to the center of these fanatics.

Prophetism is rebellious, anti-hieratic by nature.

Revolt Against the Modern World

Sacred games were also a manifestation of the path of action. One is the path of the god, the solar path, which leads to the wgainst of the immortals.

The crisis is that we cannot claim to envy that which we’ve never experienced. I like to start a review with a brief statement of what the book is, but in the case of A Revolt Against the Modern World I have no idea.

What wisdom, now lost, was once known? There would seem to be some utilitarianism in his overall argument insofar as the ultimate impetus to any sort of thoroughgoing critique of anything is a dislike towards it. The law’s utility is not a criterion.


Revolt Against the Modern World – Wikipedia

The goal of contemplation thus rises above mere theism to a state that is like the sun compared to theism’s moon. I think the nicest thing I can say is to quote the nationalsocialists assessment of him in their recommendation to have him expelled from Germany in August that “his learnedness tends toward the dilettante and pseudoscientific”. May 09, hay man rated it liked it.

The empire is magical. Later, when Brahman was considered the All, the Source, and the Goal, the way was open to belief in the equality of all creatures. He is frustrated with any positive order of society, thus becoming a constant source of revolution.

A Critique and Anathema. Ad esempio, gli autori wirld New Left tipo Marcuse non ne sono che la versione speculare e di sinistra. There must be a transcendent order that gives meaning to this flux. France in particular had sought to undermine the Empire, and then to suppress its own, internal, feudal evo,a. One may note that these views do not quite contradict Evola’s endorsement of chivalry. The interest part here is the jilius that the world is degenerating instead of progressing.

This was true even of Pythagoreanism. There was very little magic in the Middle Ages, as C. With unflinching gaze wprld uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that passes for progress in the modern revplt.

The Carolingians still ruled the Church, like their Byzantine contemporaries. Jul 29, Chin Jian Xiong rated it really liked it Shelves: One might say that the liberated self becomes God; one might also say that the liberated self moves beyond God. Doctrine of the two natures reflects the relationship that exists between state and people. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

He focuses on the great cycle now reaching its end, which began in the polar regions and passed through Atlantis. Something unchristian was always at work underneath the Christian surface of knighthood.

It declined only after Mithras aaginst a savior, not the archetype with which initiates identified.

Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola

Overall id say the the book is a good critic on modern culture, and offers an incite into how the traditional world worked and what lead to its downfall, and some third positionist criticism of Capitalism and communism. While the worldview presented here is built on a fantasy of a never existent “golden age era” of human history, it has some undeniable scientific – philologic – values which are especially clear while he is discussing the antique roman age and some important conceptions like ‘fides’.


Archived from the original on 15 May When the empire began to totter, the proper remedy would have been to rally the Roman race, the minority whose spirit informed the empire. I guess I never can understand, being “intoxicated with the products of an art, erudition, and speculation that lacked any transcendent and metaphysical element”, whatever that means.

Realities corresponded to symbols of the transcendent.

War reenacts the victory of masculine, solar, Olympian order against lunar, Titanic chaos. By this definition, the modern West is the civilization modenr slavery par excellence.

Revolt Against the Modern World Politics, Religion and Social Order of the Kali Yuga

Catholicism has always been an essentially moderrn, lunar religion. Owrld path to transcendence and mysticism is from the turning away of society and language, like Wittgenstein’s silence, and the return to within, whereas ordering society based upon such symbols is only significant as to what is within againet mystic’s directly perceptual insight. That seems doubtful, given statements like “the eventual lack of correspondence of the historical element with a myth demonstrates the untruth of history rather than that of the myth”.

There was decay from age to age, but in some ways the world also grew wiser through experience and revelation. Evola says much the same: Open Preview See a Problem?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The tone of the book suggests that this was very much a bad thing, but Evola never explains why. The attempt succeeded for a whole cycle.